DNA Sequencing

Sequencing Offered
Universal Primers
sample Preparation

The Molecular Core is currently working with Genewiz to provide competitive and free shipping for sequencing services by pooling projects in a convenient manner for researchers.

Sequencing Offered

Sequencing projects will need to be submitted preferably in 0.2ml tube strips but will be accepted in 0.2ml PCR tubes. The Core will have in-stock for purchase 0.2ml tube-strips-8 and caps.

Submission project types:

Pre-Mixed: Template and primer mixed in 15ul volume, or just 10ul of template if using Genewiz Universal primers at no extra charge.

Pre-Defined: Template 10ul/reaction in one tube and in a seperate tube primer 5ul/reaction.

Custom: Sequencing unpurified plasmid, PCR, BAC, for details use Genewiz link below.

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Genewiz Universal Primers


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Sample Preparation

Please take time to properly purify and quantify your template and provide the appropriate concentration of primer. The Molecular Core gives access to a NanoDrop to OD your samples, as well as BioRad Experion to check your PCR product. Making proper quantification a routine part of your work flow will ensure fewer problems downstream.


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